Tower of London

The Tower of London is a very old castle on the north bank of the River Thames. The main building is called the White Tower and this was built in 1078 by King William the Conqueror the Norman King who invaded England in 1066. The other buildings and surrounding walls were added later.

Initially the Tower was a way of maintaining order in the City, protecting the soldiers. Later it was used as a prison imprisoning Kings and famous people including Sir Walter Raleigh. It was also the scene of torture and many executions, the most famous of which was Henry VIII's wife Ann Boelyn who was beheaded there.

One of the entrances for the prisoners to or from the Tower was by boat wi the infamous Traitor's Gate

The Tower of London has some excellent exhibitions of Armour and Weapons and it is also home to the Crown Jewels of the British Royalty. The Tower is protected by the Yeoman of the Guard (see the picture) who historically were nicknamed the Beefeaters, because as they were the Royal bodyguard they were allowed the privilege of eating beef from the King's table.

This is one attraction not to be missed.

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Tower of London


Tower of London