Camden Market

Camden Town is just north of the West End and has always had an interesting mixture of residents. Near Regents park / Primrose are the more exclusive houses with more than its fair share of famous residents including actors and musicians. This creative atmosphere has resulted in Camden Market which was established as a single market pitch in 1974 centred around the original Camden Lock and has now expanded to 3 or 4 pitches including the Stables Market.

Camden LockAlthough the Stables Market is half open during the week, the market in general comes into its own at the weekend, with large crowds of shoppers and visitors alike. This part of the market is a labyrinth of small alleys and boutiques smelling of incense and other exotic aromas.

The types of goods on offer are too numerous to mention, but there are a core of alternative fashion shops, jewellery, handicrafts and music. The market officials do have policies on the types of stalls that are allowed, which helps it keep this variety and character in tact. The bohemian atmosphere of the market is another major reason for its popularity.

The Stables Market also has a large number of food stalls selling a variety of food styles and cuisines from all over the world.

Camden Market has become an institution and in these days of huge shopping centres, long may it be so.


Stables Market

Camden Market